Have you ever seen yourself create something in triple time or faster? Time-lapse is the new 'hot' way that artists are recording themselves creating art.

I've experimented with time-lapsing art a few times and I recently went along to a workshop at the local group of the Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia.

The Port Lincoln MIFSA group get together for art class every Tuesday at Arteyrea gallery.

On this day, Simone Gillam, the Arts and Mental Health officer with Country Arts SA came along to run a charcoal workshop.

They lined one of the walls with paper - destined to become a group mural about their favourite place.

Maureen Baillie, one of the group members, spoke to me about how the drawing came together.

This time-lapse was shot using the GoPro, sitting on a stool on a desk.

Because there is no viewing screen, it was hard to tell how far back to put the camera. I would put it a LOT closer next time. I might have to do up a cut out to hold in front of it to see where it shoots - for help in the future!

I took a photograph every two seconds and then created the movie using MPEG Streamclip.

I used a smartphone app to take shoot another time-lapse of the same workshop, but from another angle and you can see it here - vimeo.com/54510013

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