It is always such a pleasure to shoot a wedding filled with familiar faces. Last year, we had the opportunity to shoot Jimmy & Nadya’s wedding, and this time we’re so proud to have the chance to shoot for his younger sister Jacqueline who was tying the knot with her super hero boyfriend, Yansen. We had such a blast shooting for this couple and their families, including the sea of familiar faces from last year’s wedding. Jimmy and Nadya had their own little bundle of joy on the way, and her bulging belly served to remind me of how we should not let time slip away without spending it with the people we love.

What was an absolute blessing for me was the “late” start to the day. By late, I mean 7 am. Yes, it was truly a miracle, because we’ve had our share of shooting hair and make-up as early as 4 or 5 am. Sometimes, we are on standby at the hairdresser by 1 am. Because we love what we do, we really don’t mind the unusually early start, but doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy the additional hours of sleep when we get the chance. (If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you might want reconsider a later start, in favor of your video guys… haha. Just kidding. Not really.)

I want to personally congratulate Yansen and Jacqueline on their wedding. May you spend the rest of your lives living out your wedding vows, turning lemons into lemonades. And I hope you enjoy this same-day edit video that we’ve prepared, just as we’ve enjoyed making it.



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