Homer: professor frink, I want to talk to everyone on Twitter mentioning donuts, while keeping the conversation personal.
Frink: oh, you need to read each tweet and personally response to all of them.
Homer: Well that takes ages. What can I do to avoid this catastrophe?
Frink: well, check out my latest invention!!! Now you can talk really fast with all your audience while keeping it personal and measurable. This smart dashboard is like supercharging your social accounts! It is effortless, with one to mass…
Homer: so, what does it do?
Frink: it helps companies and brands talk faster, in a more efficient and focused way on Social Media.
Homer: oh, so it’s just an automated spam-bot?
Frink: Oh, no, no, no, it’s not automated and it doesn’t spam. The system SUGGESTS responses It groups together similar tweets then remembers and measures the boilerplate response you set up.
For example my dear Homer, there are billions of tweets every day and probably thousands that mention “donuts”. 12mass will help you segment them all into groups. Than it duplicates your responses in the same group.
Homer: Oh wow – one to mass?
Frink: Yes, by measuring the number of replies, clicks and retweets, that each response generates.
You can quickly find out which of your responses are generating engagements.
The next time someone asks a similar question, the most statistically suited response can be given.
This way you can have more conversations in less time.
Homer: oooh, nice.
Frink: For the first time Homer you can Optimize the conversation using A/B testing, similar to ads.And also Talk 50 to 100 times faster while keeping the conversation personal.
Homer: Ohhhh (Happy ) well done, One to Mass !!!
Frick: well then go get on “one to mass.com” and Talk with everyone who is mentioning donats ok?
Homer: WOOHOO! Let’s do it!

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