"work for pay" is a performance piece by Lydia Bell, made in collaboration with three unemployed/underemployed artists-turned-dancers who are paid $8 an hour for rehearsal time. The piece allows artists Sara K. Edwards, Brock Shorno, and Adriana Young to demonstrate their marketable skills to audience members. "work for pay" will be shown in New York at various venues until all of the artists have found suitable employment.

This video, shot by Meredith Steinberg, documents an open rehearsal of "work for pay" during a festival at Eyelevel Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

"work for pay" is supported, in part, through FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics), a Brooklyn-based organization that uses community dinners to fund new art work democratically. Sponsorship by Tandem Bar in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

More information at workforpay.wordpress.com

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