On the 1st December a long list of New Zealand’s finest skateboarders gathered at a central Auckland warehouse converted for the day into a skateboard paradise to host the final of the Zon of the Lines Skateboard Invitational series.

Weather had played fowl in both Christchurch and Wellington as the series moved north so this was the first time in the series that ZOTL was able to run full-length, breaking down the 25 strong field to nine skaters for a semi-final, then six for a heated final.

Nico Gottschalk, Mitchell McCarthy, Pedro Day, Christian Low, James Kingston and Brett Band made the final and let out a barrage of tricks as they fought it out for a slice of the cash purse.

Nico Gottschalk’s brawny nosebluntsides and backside flips where remarkable. Mitchell McCarthy consistently slid through front blunts on the picnic table, flicked backside flips over the wheelchair bump and nailed a 360 flip over the wheelchair ramp – crooked grinds to backside lipslide on the flat bar were also staples in the diet he dished out today.

Brett Band’s backside nosebluntslide on the grinder box first try, as well as his backside 180 fakie five-0s, were mind blowingly clean. His consistent Smith grinds on the picnic table, and his massive frontside flips and nollie frontside 180s over the wheelchair ramp were exquisite.

James Kingston’s ollie over the picnic table off of the wedge, backside flips and straight nollies off the wheelchair bump and front blunts on the picnic table stood out too. In the moments after the final bell he even stomped a backside 360 over the wheelchair bump, something he was searching for the entire comp. He was rightfully rewarded with third place.

It was tricks like a no-comply over the wheelchair bump from Christian Low, along with his switch feeble grind 180s and feeble to five-0 180 out on the flat bar that made for compelling runs. This and his hefty heelflips and cheeky five-0 transfer on the wheelchair bump to bar obstacle earned him second place.

Pedro Day’s energy and enthusiasm was hard to match. He mixed up lines with fun tricks like tweaked melons, tuckknee airs and benihanas. Then blazed the competition with straight nollies over the wheelchair bump and sealed the deal with lines including a crooked grind nollie flip out and a buoyant frontside flip. He made his first place position clear with a line that ended in a super stylish and stomped frontside bigspin.

It was an astounding day filled with epic, fast and technical skateboarding and perfect finish to an incredible series, that as a whole, brought together over 60 skateboarders from all over New Zealand.

Zon of the Lines Skateboard Invitational Series presented a massive prize pool worth $10,000 and was proudly supported by Amazon, Mountain Dew, Vans and Plan B.

Zon of the Lines Auckland Results

1. Pedro Day ($1500)
2. Christian Low ($750)
3. James Kingston ($500)
4. Brett Band
5. Mitchell McCarthy
6. Nico Gottschalk
7. Nick Lister
8. Reuben Baker

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