A Super-8 to D-SLR conversion using a very similar set-up to this one:
vimeo.com/20950590 (Huge Thanks to James Miller for Sharing and making my life so much easier!)

The video was shot by myself (The one at the start opening the train window) and my friend when, bizarrely, we we were allowed to go on our own to Edinburgh for the day at only 12 or 13 years old.
We did many other trips around the country without such permission, including a trip to Thurso!
In fact, the only reason I remember this particular trip being allowed is because my Dad and Granddad were there to pick us up from New St. at the end of the Video.

I did the conversion using a Canon 5D mkII, and a Eumig Mark 501, and the Rear element from a Zeiss lens, coupled with a hotch potch of other tubes and rear projection lens from a Tower 8mm Projector.

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