This video was created from around 3600 individual photos shot in the spring, summer, and fall of 2012.

After several years and hundreds of sequences of traditional time lapse, I was looking for a way to challenge myself and grow. I started learning to capture in the motion time lapse (hyperlapse) technique, where I move the camera slightly --usually around 12 inches (~30 cm) -- for hundreds of times (between every interval). This creates an artificial parallax, and it was exciting to explore this new way of thinking, seeing, moving, and capturing.

At first, I was doing hand-held captures and moving between each shot, but after a while I began using a tripod and moving that along a path, so that I could drag the shutter and get more of the motion blur effect that I like for my time lapse work.

Each motion time lapse capture session is a little like a performance, because so many things have to go perfectly or the whole sequence fails... Usually I had to set the intervalometer to about 10 or 12 seconds, and then hope I could move the tripod, level up the shot, get the center exactly replicated -- before the intervalometer took the shot. Many times that didn't work out ! After a couple of months, I could get in a rhythm with this and had more success. This is a work in progress -- but I really like the way it has given me a new way of working and of exploring space when making my time lapse pieces... I look at the world differently now.


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