Teaser trailer short film, ONE PAST

We completed a successful Indiegogo campaign to raise production funds on December 18, 2012, and we are currently in pre-production, slated to shoot in spring 2013.

Check out our official website here: onepastmovie.com
One Past is a darkly funny ghost story with touches of magic and love. Shy and steadfast Charlie and the spontaneous and sexy Lyla are just about as close as two sisters can be. But when Lyla suddenly passes away in a freak accident, Charlie’s world is shattered…until Lyla returns as a spirit. Charlie is in equal turns frightened and delighted. Everything seems back to way they were - and Lyla’s supernatural powers adds to the fun. However, some skeletons in the closet start to come out, forcing Charlie to face things about herself she’s been avoiding her entire life. Was this a blessing or a curse? Or both?

With a final estimated run time of 20 minutes, One Past is produced and co-written by Juli Kobayashi and Celiné Justice. Celiné will play the lead of Charlie Style and Juli will direct.

Cues from Juli Kobayashi’s student film, “Frame of Mind”
Composed and performed by Matthew Sandifer
Some cues re-arranged and performed by Juli Kobayashi
Email us at onepastmovie@gmail.com
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Official website: onepastmovie.com

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