L3Library V1.1.0 contains a new geo locator node. You can use this node to constraint transform nodes (hierarchies) to meshes, nurbs surfaces and nurbs curves.

All animation features like dynamics, noise and wave generators also work without geometry connection. Thus you can e.g. use the geo locator to create dynamic character joint rigs or create procedurally animated transform node hierarchies.

This node does not contain the hair system overhead of Maya's follicle node and comes with some nifty extra features.

Feature Overview:

-The geo locator supports multiple rotation computation methods including geometry alignment and aiming.
-6 wave generators used to animate XYZ channels of position and rotation in local or world space.
-6 noise generators allow to randomize XYZ channels of position and rotation in local or world space.
-The node supports simple but effective position and rotation dynamics that can be set up hierarchically.
-The creation UI comes with a multitude of modes including grid and autoconstraint options.
-The geo locator supports geometry type specific features like nurbs curve equalization.
-Apply manual adjustments using position and rotation offset attributes

L3Library is available for free. This is our internal library used to create Python and MEL UIs and a support toolset for our commercial tools such as L3Deformer.

For more details and updates check out lightstorm3d.com/tools.

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