The camalapse 3 is a camera accessory that helps you to take panning time-lapse videos with your lightweight camera or smartphone. The camalapse 3 has been upgraded to feature a matte-black professional color and metal threaded attachments.

To use the camalapse, simply screw on a (up to 1 pound) camera to the top, and optionally a tripod to the bottom. Activate your time-lapse or video function on your camera and twist the camalapse to the desired rotation that you want.

The camalapse is the perfect B-Roll tool for adding awesome time-lapses to your videos. It's compact and does not need any batteries as well. Works with most point-and-shoot cameras under one pound, as well as iPhones, Android phones like the Droid and Galaxy, GoPro cameras, Contours, and Drifts.

The camalapse is not suggested for DSLRs or side mounted cameras.

Music in this video is "Speeding to Paradise", by TeknoAXE (

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