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This video gives only general information on these topics:
- 1a: What is screening? Why do landlords screen?
- 1b: Applicants are denied because of wrong, outdated, & misleading records (at 03:34)
- 1c: Screening has unintended negative consequences (at 14:45)
- 2: Advocates can help applicants who are denied housing unfairly (at 18:52)
-- Fair Credit Reporting Act violations (at 19:04)
-- Vacating certain criminal convictions (at 25:16)
-- Sealing certain public records (at 26:34)
-- Link to video about Juvenile Record Sealing in Washington (at 32:52)
-- Fair Housing Act abuses (at 33:01)
- 3: Possible changes to the screening process (at 36:51)

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Produced by the Northwest Justice Project

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This video is intended to be used for public information only and is not intended to advocate for or encourage others to advocate for a particular public policy, change in law or other specific response to problems discussed.

This video was produced in December 2012. The laws may have changed since that time. This video provides general information only. Your situation may be very different than those shown in this video. This video is not a substitute for talking to a lawyer about your unique situation. It does not create an attorney-client relationship and it cannot predict or guarantee an outcome in any legal proceeding.

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