This is only a demo version of "Now you're Gone". It has already aired on a Swedish national radio station (SR).

Promo 2012/2013
This is the demo version of "Now you're Gone"
Lyrics/Production/Vocals by Faem

Verse 1
Here you are
Would you ever hurt me?
I've seen a side of you
That I've never seen before
Here you stand
Don't know who you are
Somethings changed
And I need to walk away

Did I, believe I
Could change this part of you
Will I, survive a
Another day without you

In and out
I've been down
You're never where you belong
You pulled me down
On the ground
Now you're gone


Verse 2
No apologize
Like nothing's wrong
You deny the faults that you caused
I don't recognize
Our love anymore
I just know I can't stay and fall

Chorus x2
Chorus x2

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