I found the background music for my video online and made sure the creative commons license corresponded:
Capt Insaneo. "Superhero's Truth." Web. 5 Dec. 2012. soundcloud.com/captinsaneo/superheros-truth

I found the beginning San Francisco clips in the Prelinger Archives:
Prelinger Archives. "[San Francisco Aerials (color)]." (1960s-1970s). Web. 5 Dec. 2012. archive.org/details/0383_San_Francisco_Aerials_color_14_00_52_00

For the voice over, I recorded my brother speaking because he wanted to help me with the project in some way. I recorded the video using my phone of Fidget, my ferret, and my roommates helped with the extra stuff I couldn't do because my hands were just too full. I re-did an animation for the end using sketch-up, because I did not like the other animation I did as much. I tried not to use too many imovie effects, since it makes my movies look unprofessional, but I still thought the ones I did used helped the overall effect of the film, because I took a lot of time tampering with the different options imovie offered.

I thought this was a pretty creative idea, and was also humorous. I hope more people share in my sense of humor.

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