Brother Sara Pavan is an Anaesthesiologist from Australia, who came to Swami in 1980 and has been residing in Prashanthi Nilayam since 1993, serving at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences. He was the editor and publisher of the Australian quarterly Sai Journal since it's inception till 1992.

Apart from being a Consultant Anaesthetist in the Super Specialty Hospital, his contribution to Digital Videos of our Beloved Lord is significant. Over the years he has written several articles in Heart-2-Heart and other Sai Publications. His first Book - No Country, No Name - was released by Bhagawan on 11th March 2010 and distributed as 'Prasadam' on that Ugadi day. Swami has blessed him to travel to several countries around the world, including Russia and Latin America, to speak to His devotees.

Brother Sara Pavan is an eloquent orator and a regular speaker in the morning Sathsanghs with devotees in Prashanthi Nilayam, since the past 14 years.

Born in Malaya (now Malaysia) in 1938 and educated in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), he graduated from University of Ceylon with MBBS in 1962. Since his marriage to Dr. Devi in 1965 he started a life of learning, travelling and broadening his horizons, commencing in Singapore. He specialised in Anaesthesia in England in January 1969. The couple lived in several countries including New Zealand and Australia.

The Pavans have been devotees of Swami since 1980 and had actively worked for the Sai organisation in Australia. He was the editor of the quarterly Australian Sai Newsletter 10 years from its inception. The couple moved to Prasanthi Nilayam in 1993 and have served in Swami’s hospitals since then.

In December 1982 Bhagawan Baba authorised the first ever International Sai Convention. Rome was chosen by Swami when He commented, “All roads lead to Rome.” It was also the beginning of a three-year period leading up to the 60th Birthday of Bhagawan, the next stage in the unfolding and escalation of His Divine Mission.

“Ceiling on Desires” programme was launched as an important forerunner to the 60th Birthday. Rumours were rife that Bhagawan Baba will become inaccessible to devotees after this landmark Birthday and the crowds of devotees would be so huge that one might have to contend with a glimpse of Bhagawan as a “red dot” at a distance!

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