A video showcasing Richards Brilliant 'Deities at the Bottom of the Garden' Exhibition and what inspired him to create it. The video, along with Richards fantastic craftsmanship, will be featured in his exhibition at 20/21 visual arts centre, Scunthorpe.

Camera - Canon 7D, Canon 550D
Lenses - Canon L 100mm f2.8, Canon 50mm Prime F1.8, Canon L 24/70 f2.8, Canon L 70-200 F4.0
Audio - Sennheiser G3 (Interview), Rode VideoMic Pro (Foley)


For more details of the exhibition and where you can see it check out - northlincs.gov.uk/leisure/arts/20-21visualartscentre/exhibitions/touringexhibitions/deities-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden/

Award winning cinematography - know-media.co.uk

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