This is a 1080p output from a recent real estate video. If this video is choppy, the original 720p posting is located here:

I thought I'd just share the highly detailed and low-noise image that comes out of this camera. I'm just so impressed how the C300 handles both exterior exposure and interior exposures simultaneously (see 1:50). The original render from Premiere is spectacular, but I didn't use that file to upload to Vimeo. Instead I output an MOV (AVC codec) at 13 mbps which reduced the quality and removed some of the fine textures originally captured. The original file was 30mbps and looked phenomenal, but after vimeo compression playback was choppy.

This quick video was edited, graded and finessed in Premiere CS6, Magic Bullet Looks and Denoiser II.

Thanks for watching,
Christiaan Welzel & Jared Folkmann

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