Imbued in the one light of Truth -- Divine Love

Grounded in the essence of being ……….

Return to nature …..your birthright ….. heaven & earth in your heart.

With a tranquil peaceful mind we see the world with a renewed understanding -- a vision of harmony.

Sit in the silence of boundless infinite divine creative intelligence
Your hands represent service in the world – they offer forgiveness acceptance peace oneness wholeness and unity -- rest them in your lap.

Hold the world in your hands left hand resting upon the right hand, thumbs gently touch in harmony, hands relaxed … the integration of both energies cradles the heart of the world ...

May we empty to be filled
May we release judgments to learn truths
May we accept the revelations of our soul with gratitude.

When the upside and the downside become one
When the left side and right side blend
When the inside is like the outside and the outside as the inside
When the front side merges with the back side
And when the masculine and feminine principle synthesize within each one of us –
Then we will know the source of all things, the natural oneness in all life

Elaborate overtures of harmonic resonance sing our hearts in divine love.
We walk the earth plane as divine sparks of light, unfolding and unfurling the spiral of divine proportion – the jewel in the lotus – the rose of the soul – the radiant essence of divine love is the sacred sound current, the one breath, the heartbeat of humanity, the rhythm of life.

Let us breath together the divine breath of love, radiant love is the light of truth ……….. and we light up the world as the divine sparks of light we are. Be now …………….. in the essence ‘field’ the boundless glorious awakening of truth in The One ……………….. unfold full expression of One-Self ……. Just ‘BE’ in the all expansive knowing in the unknowing, the way of the Way ………….. sit as the middle pillar, the middle path and ‘Be’ -- One with the Nature of All Things – Divine Love ……… re-awaken ….. transcend and ground in the fullness of life ……… Divine Sophia Loving Wisdom awakens in us all ………. Now and forever more. Amen. Amin, Hum Om Shanti.

Lee Ann

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