In this talk for the Parent's Circle: Bereaved Families Forum outside Bethlehem in 2011, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg shared his recent journey through Europe. This is from his website,

"On Kristallnacht, the night of November 9 1938, the Nazis destroyed the interior of the Westendsynagogue in Frankfurt-am-Main, where my grandfather, Dr Georg Salzberger, served as rabbi from 1910 until the family fled to Britain in April of the following year. But the Ner Tammid, the Eternal Light, continued to burn. People took it for a sign.

This light, which shone through the darkness and turmoil of those days, symbolises the hope which is the essence of Judaism and all faiths.

I was 18 when my grandfather died and he has been a role model for me all my life, especially in my own work as a rabbi. On the centenary celebrations of my grandfather’s former synagogue I plan to light a torch from its Ner Tammid and walk with it through Germany and Holland to the sea (together with my faithful companion, Mitzpah) travelling back to London to kindle the Eternal Light of my community’s new synagogue."

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