Die Meinige (MINE)
A short film by Pio Reimer
Germany Premiere in October 2012 at the 46.Hof International Film Festival.

"A boy comes home at night and finds his mother asleep on the sofa. He believes finally he can be close to her and lies down next to her. But even in her sleep she pushes him away. To catch her heat, he is looking for other ways."

Geraldine Gaul (Mother)
Pascal Chiout (Son)

Director Pio Reimer
Script Pio Reimer & Sebastian Köthe
Photographer Sebastian Fremder
Costume Design Sayyora Muinova & Belen Montolin
Editor Pio Reimer
Producer Dennis Thiele
Sound Dominik Bodammer
Sounddesign Niklas Kammertöns
Set-Design David Weber
Music Reimer&Schulze [einpaarfreunde*]
Production Company: Deutsche Film- & Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb)

Technical Details

Production country Germany
Year 2012
Type short fiction
Length 12`55`
Color/bw color
Shooting format 35mm
Screening format DCP, HD-Cam
Frames per second 25
Aspect ratio scope
Sound dolby SRD
Original language no dialogues
Subtitles no

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