Initially, we were simply hoping to work on another animation video for Sanders Bohlke after our first one, 'Somewhere', was so well received. After getting an early mix of the song 'Ghost Boy', the idea came instantly. It was to be based on our long-term interest in the afterlife, Dante's Divine Comedy and Greek myths. The concept was simple - how does one become a ghost?

As early as May 2011 in London, director Kamil Dymek and sketch artist Agne Zubyte, began designing characters and elements of Hell, where the action would take place. Largely inspired by Lotte Reiniger's silhouette animation, the music video would have simple black & white characters and rich complex backgrounds presenting Hell as a factory where everyone is judged on the quality of their lives. In the story we follow a deceased young boy in the process of becoming a ghost only to be sent back to haunt his loved ones.

In September 2011, animator Pawel Ptak began putting all of these elements together. It was a complex process which required photographing each hand drawing with a Canon 5D Mark II, digitalizing it in Photoshop to correct colors and imperfections, and then animating it in Adobe After Effects. Every background in the video is designed from high resolution photographs of organic matter like rocks, earth and leaves in order to give it a much more familiar and realistic feel.

After six months of long weekends the music video for 'Ghost Boy' was completed. The result was even bigger than expected as the concept evolved throughout the production. However, the main idea was to create much darker imagery in comparison to the previously released Somewhere. It was intended to represent a different side of Sanders Bohlke's music - one that we felt was always there and could be clearly heard in this first single off his new album.

Spinning Arrow Productions

Directed by Kamil Dymek | Animation by Pawel Ptak | Drawings by Agne Zubyte

'Ghost Boy' available at iTunes

Words and Music by Sanders Bohlke © Land vs Ocean (ASCAP)

Produced by Jeffrey Cain | Mixed by Darrell Thorp

© 2012 Communicating Vessels


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