In our most recent Innovation Advisory Council meeting, we had the chance to meet and hear from the fascinating Don Phin, CEO All of us can play only one of three emotional roles in the workplace drama – victim, villain or hero. Watch this 1-hour webinar presented by Don to learn how you can escape playing destructive roles by taking responsibility and managing your emotional energy.

Should you watch?

• Do you agree the workplace is overrun with a victim mentality?
• Do you sometimes find yourself feeling life at work “isn’t fair?”
• Have you ever tried to help someone, but despite your efforts, that person never “gets it?”
• Do you find yourself “owning” other people’s problems?
• Do you have fears about speaking up at work?
• Do you know why workers turn villainous? Do you know how to deal with a villain?
• Do you get worn down from playing the hero role?
• Do you want to avoid destructive emotional traps in the workplace?
• Are you a business leader looking to build a workforce where the collective energy is spent on productivity instead of emotional gamesmanship?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this webinar is for you!

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