Injuries seem to be synonymous with Action sports these days. While action sport athletes are pushing themselves, harder, higher, longer and bigger in every way. We are seeing double and triple flips which once only existed in dreams, we are seeing people adding extra rotations onto spins that were never thought to be possible. Boundaries are being broken daily and new limits are being established everyday only to be pushed and broken by the next person.

With all of this though comes the risk of injury, as athletes are pushing the limits their bodies are being tested to the extreme; feet, ankles, knees, hips, core, shoulders, elbows, hands etc. are all being tested to breaking point. It is crucial to ensure that you keep yourself fit, strong and healthy to increase your chances of staying injury free.

Ludus Magnus is a new school of training, taken from the old principles of gladiatorial days and applied to our modern day needs, Ludus is a place where you are guaranteed to train the hardest you've ever trained in a Functional way. Ludus concentrates on strengthening from the core out with functional strength and conditioning mimicking the stresses our bodies go through when pushing the limits in our action sports, allowing us to be conditioned appropriately for the sports we partake in.

Check out this video to learn more about Ludus Magnus and keep a look out for our Workout Series with Ludus Magnus so that you can partake in this functional strength and conditioning training wherever you are.

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