In the Spring of 2012, John Sauvé, Anna Russo Sieber Gallery & The Benton Harbor Arts District are installing 20 Muhammad Ali inspired sculptures created by Sauvé throughout the City of Benton Harbor. The goal of the "I am the Greatest" project is to bring public art to the Benton Harbor Arts District and to tell Muhammad Ali’s story.

The “I am the Greatest” project will re-introduce Ali to a new generation of kids. Ali's story will highlight the over-whelming amount of adversity he faced by standing up for his beliefs and the influence he had on his generation. As a result of retelling of the Muhammad Ali story we hope to inspire a new generation to realize that they can make a difference.

Workshops at ARS Gallery have been developed to teach our local children about community, public art, and the difference that one individual can make on their community. The public art workshop will focus on the process of creating. As a result of the arts workshop, Muhammad Ali sculptures will be created by the students and displayed throughout the City of Benton Harbor. This idea of creating a work of art from concept to finished product is a transferable skill that can apply to any aspect of a child's life, regardless if an individual ever works in the arts. The Muhammad Ali Art Workshop was established by Anna Russo Sieber to establish a creative outlet for the students in the Benton Harbor Community. The Muhammad Ali Art Workshop is a continuation of the arts programming provided by The Anna Russo Sieber Gallery. The "I am the Greatest" project is an attempt to support community arts programming in light of recent art education funding cuts in the school system and an opportunity for others to support their community.

The “I am the Greatest” project will kick off May 25th during the start of the PGA at Harbor Shores Country Club. The Ali inspired Sculptures will be located on the Harbor Shores Country Club golf course during the duration of the PGA Tournament.

As a result of the “I am the Greatest” project, the ARS Gallery established support for Student Art Scholarships and arts programming at the Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor . The Anna Russo Sieber Gallery Continues to lead by example in their support of Art in the Community and in the true sense of the project, Anna Russo Sieber exemplifies the power of one.

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