I drank the elixir of our Divine Mother and became intoxicated by her Love and Power.
In a trance, hypnotized, I surrendered to Her grace. She moves through me. Reminding me I am never alone.
Always guided and forever protected.

Children of this Earth, may we honor Her as Guardians of her Divine Wisdom.
We are nothing without our mother and we are everything with Her.

WHOLE, connected, awakened by the the essence of Her breath.

Now is the time to release the oppression and suppression we have been carrying. Release and honor it by becoming ONE with the Divine Mother who can be found in everything Natural - Nature - You - Me - and all our Relations. Now is the time to D A N C E ... Dance with our ancestors in celebration of the shifting energies.

* * * *

This collage of photos was taken a year ago. I just came back from our FIRST Sisters Journey to the Yucatan and was overflowed with the presence of the Divine Mother who guided us on that journey and who each of my sisters carried so gracefully. This is one of my favorite songs of all times "Hypnotized" by Linda Jones.
Her words, for the first time, became an ode to our Sacred Mother for me...

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