The capstone film for “Ritual Creativity, Improvisation, and the Arts," a project sponsored by Yale University's Institute of Sacred Music. This film evokes, summarizes, and refers back to the tributary videos posted on this site.

Filmed in two Canadian cities (Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo), two American cities (New York and New Haven), and two European cities (Prague and Exeter), the film is based on almost 2 years of interviewing, participant observation, and documentation. It touches on a large number of artistic and ritualistic genres, among them: music, storytelling, liturgy, demonstration, procession, and festival.

The film, more musical than either narrative or dramatic, is a braid of improvisational activity, ritual experiment, and oral reflection. The aim is to open up a visual and sonic space in which audience members themselves are lured into improvising their own ways of experiencing and thinking about the connection (or disconnection) among improvisation, ritual, and the arts. This space is created partly by trimming away contexts and not laying in identifiers.

This version does not contain titles identifying participants and events. For one that does, go to

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