Four pieces that highlight my work as Director, Producer, Director of Photography, and Editor.

Hella Hung Van Lam
TRT: 5:30
Hung Van Lam’s quirky and seeming lack of regard for social cues on and off the dance floor has earned him a place in the Breakdancing community. This short profile doesn’t showcase his dancing, but some of what makes him Hella Hung, and Hung Van Lam.

Motherhood Rooted
TRT: 5:50
Motherhood Rooted is the companionate video to the article written with the same title. The project and video explore postpartum practices in the Asian American community. These women reconcile their Asian heritage with their contemporary lifestyles.

Among B-Boys
TRT: 57:00 min
A feature-length documentary film that follows several young Hmong American men as they articulate their personal histories, and investment to the Hip Hop form, Breakdancing. The film follows their immigrant stories as refugees from the Secret War in Laos and their adjustments in to manhood. Screened at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (Audience Award Winner), San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (Recipient of James T. Yee Fellowship), among others.

Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story
2011 (In production)
A feature-length documentary film that explores the impacts of the prison industrial complex on an individual, his family, and the Asian American community. Eddy Zheng’s transformation over time is a journey that highlights intersections with immigration, class, and the criminal justice system. In the 20 plus years that Zheng has been incarcerated, he’s transitioned from a latchkey kid from Taiwan, to a survivalist in California’s prisons, to a man entrenched and deeply embedded in social justice work. At the end of the day, Eddy just wants to be, “a regular guy.”

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