Performance/ritual conceived and directed by Matt Warren. Performed 12/12/12 from 12:00pm until 12:12pm at
the Cenotaph, Anzac Walk in Hobart.

At midday participants will lay down on the grass, facing down, with one ear to the ground and eyes closed. They will remain silent and listening for 12 minutes. Participants will then be aurally instructed that the ritual is over and can then stand and depart the area.

Like 'Ritual 5: Watch The Skies' this piece may give participants the impetus to experience something very simple, but possibly unusual to their everyday life.
There is no major significance to the date and time. It is simply an aesthetic numerical conjunction used as a marker.

This action will act as the first time this performance/ritual will take place and this resulting video and series of still images is seen online. It is hoped that it may prompt future versions, either by groups or individuals, documented and collected.

Other examples of Matt Warren's performance/rituals:
'ex-X (Phase 10hz)'
Participants were asked to consider something in their lives that had happened
that had angered or upset them in some way, that they would like to confront.
Over the 10 minutes the participants were reminded to keep thinking about this
with their eyes closed. The ritual/performance concludes with the participant,
pointing to the roof and screaming for as long and loud as they can, a kind of exorcism.

'Provocation' - a series of instructions containing visual and aural stimuli either on small cards or video projected text. The latter was presented in Federation Square, Melbourne in April 2007 during Writers Week.

'Ritual 5: Watch The Skies' - participants are invited to stand in a public area and watch the sky. This is firstly to present an opportunity for someone to do something that whilst, simple and seemingly mundane, can be a fulfilling, meditative experience. Secondly, in a public area it may prompt other curious people to do the same, simply wondering what this person is looking up at.
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