supposedly my last night at GMR but i had to postpone my flight 1 more day so i came back the next night to run Joe's ironman on 07-08

3 more sub 5 min downhill runs, this is the 1st one, started a little earlier than Joe's start (a sign been removed after the square repavement), and lift too early before the real big gate, roughly 4'57 in this video, but sector time is 4'37.6 (0'15~4'52), which could be 4'55 at the right start/finish

road condition is similar as other runs recently, dusty at a few spots i had to drive different lines, slow down more and throttle later than i usually do, but nonetheless still sloppy runs in my standard

also on 4 bald and heat cycled 0% nt01s, bought them used 30% and cheap $150, tried my best to last them 3 track days (06-26~06-28), and now grip level is worse than any good street tires, especially no warnings while grip givs up, my laptimes from 1st track day to 3rd track day dropped about 3s, slower than my street tire laptime, the night i gave Nick a ride on 06-25 was best condition of these used tires

S2000 spec:
RPF1 17 x 9 +45
Tein SRC
J's Type I wing
Greddy single 63mm

speed is set km/h for my Taiwan viewers

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