Stash magazine: “Truly twisted and inappropriate… a gastrointestinal adventure of existential proportions”!
Shots: "A (very) weird and wonderful Christmas tale"
Motionographer: "A bevy of fart jokes and twisted Christmas joy"
Cartoon Brew: "The funniest Christmas film we 've seen (so far) this year!"
Animated Review: "Creepy, bizarre and brilliant"

We had so much fun creating this little film! Enjoy and share it!

We are delighted to present LLAMALLAMA and their debut animated short film “A Little Christmas Miracle”.
Little Christmas Miracle’s narrative revolves around Robert and Tray and their Christmas adventure. Robert and Tray are garden leprechaun gnomes and old friends. Robert is having a middle age crisis while Tray is having the life Robert is jealous of; a carefree life with sunbathing and parties. On their way, Tray and Robert meet Santa who is suffering from a severe stomach ache. Tray and Robert trying to help Santa, enter his stomach where they meet Krampus, Santa’s demonic alter ego. Little did they know that their life was about to change forever.

LLAMALLAMA is a collaboration of creative minds that focuses on animated storytelling. Launching with their short film “A Little Christmas Miracle”, written and directed by Llamallama and produced by NOMINT.

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