"27 Dresses? I liked it. Gossip Girl? It was a good series"...

... said the groom. Not the bride. The groom. Which was awesome! It served as a punctuation mark on a day where two sensitive, loving people were joined.

Aman and Andrew were such a treat to film. The two of them are such sweet and kind people, which really draws people. Heartfelt words spoken by friends and family gave us just a glimpse how loving and how loved this couple is.

There were so many lines I wanted to begin this post with, like "... Bopping his head to slow jams" and "We're going to miss you, especially since our wardrobe downsized by more than half" referring to Aman moving out and her sisters no longer being able to liberally borrow her clothes :)

But I chose the line that I did because it was a quirky touching highlight revealing that these two are comfortable in their own skin and aren't afraid of showing their sensitive and emotional sides.

The emotion culminated in a ceremony where the bride is blessed by the family and leaves the home as a married woman. She stops at the door and throws rice over her shoulder four times. When she gets into the car, she is embraced by all her immediate family and men from her family push the car off. You could not find a dry eye during this time, including mine, as I witnessed this amazing event.

Emotion overflowed when Andrew spoke, honoring his mother, revealing how much sacrifice she made to raise her children, working three jobs, 16 hr days, even until today. It was such a privilege to be present, witnessing the joining of two wonderful people surrounded by a loving community of family and friends.

To top it off, it was our first (largely) Indian wedding! Another milestone for the Wakefield team to celebrate. We couldn't be happier to celebrate that, along with an extremely special day than with Aman and Andrew. You guys really are a blessing to your loved ones and we hope for nothing but the best for your life together.

- Nouver

Music // Happy by Secrets in Stereo // Licensed Through the Music Bed

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