Ghost got sick of the goddamn splices and remixes. There were over 9000 of them, I tell you. Sorry, some really good clips I wanted to put in, I couldn't find, but that's why you watch DarkRazorZ videos, not this--deliberately left out the best stuff so you wouldn't just watch and/or listen to this video. (message me if you find some good clips for a future compilation).

Specifically looking for the following:
-tubguy/queen of england call
-some calls from ghosty day-care
-more remixes!
-calls from that site that doesn't exist in Summer 2011

Some rumors of why he isn't coming back:

-cancer came back
-his office caught on fire after 4/20/2012
-he got tired of buying new microphones
-is too drunk during the day to broadcast now
-he is secretly a brony and is busy watching season 3
-the NWO told him to stop broadcasting

I have more material that, if you wish, I can make another compilation. I raided his broadcast collection.

Feedback on this one is welcome. All credit goes to DarkRazorZ. You can visit DarkRazorZ's channel here for way more lulz:

Follow ghost on Twitter at @ghostpolitics

Thanks for the memories ghostler.

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