Richard Allen Lawrence shares the Epic Context and Progression of Luke 22:

-Judas secretly meets with chief priests and scribes
-Disciples find their Passover meeting room supernaturally
-Jesus tells them how much he’s looking forward to the meal, and reminds them of the suffering He’s about to endure.
-He passes around bread and wine—symbols of the Passover, the intervention of God to redeem His children—and tells them it’s His flesh and blood, given completely for them. It’s His blood on the doorpost that will save them.
-He tells them that one at the table is about to betray Him.
-The disciples then start to argue about who is “regarded” as the greatest among them.
-Jesus tells them their view of greatness is not only backwards, but offensive, considering His own example of servanthood.
-Jesus then lays a bombshell on Peter, and all His closest friends gathered there..............!

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