Luminescent Vase
by AN(ita) Barthelemy DA(nko) Radulovic LO(uis) Aspar

Wood is needed to light up the fire, water is needed to put it out.
Using modern technologies and materials, the “Andalo vase” metaphorically illustrates the same inversed phenomenon: water is used to light up a fire in the wood.

“Andalo” is a wooden opaque vase that indicates the quantity of water poured in it and informs the user when the water should be changed.

When the vase is empty or switched off, it looks like an ordinary wooden monolith.
As water is poured inside, LED indicators that are hidden beneath the thin wooden layer begin to glow. The LEDs form four rings. As the water level rises, the rings start to glow one after the other.
When the vase is full, all four rings are turned on. After a certain time (adjustable by the user depending on what type of flower is presented), the rings turn off in reversed order. When the last ring is turned off, the water needs to be changed.

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