NOTE: This is the unedited version of this video. We are trying something new - in addition to sending the full edited version whenever it is ready, we are sending the unedited version very shortly after the event. This is essentially just a video of the presentation screen and the audio. Let us know what you think of this approach and stay tuned for the fully edited video.
Here is the description of the event:
If you're a web developer using PHP, there is a good chance that you own or have read one of Larry Ullman's books. He's the author of over 23 books including the one Boston PHP uses for our Percolate! self study program. We're excited to have Larry join us as a speaker.
In this talk, writer, developer, and instructor Larry Ullman provides a blueprint for how one becomes a Web developer considering the current standards, technologies, and business environment of 2012 and going into 2013. The overarching discussion is on the specific technologies you'll need to learn and in what order. The role that each technology plays in Web development will be explained, as will some of the issues to watch out for. You'll also be introduced to some of the applications and other tools that you would be expected to know and use. Towards the end of the presentation, extra time will be given to Larry's favorite PHP framework--Yii--as well as how to get experience and jobs in the Web development field.

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