= SOUND TEMPLE SHORT MOVIE PREMIERE = peak Christmas (25.12.2012 Tuesday) at 21.00 we present the short film to the recently published compilation "Sound Temple". The tape contains footage of promo event, preparation and short presentations of the artists.

The video is produced by Mohan Das (Bradata), and shooting and the Assembly are courtesy of Angel Danielson (SubSonic). The background music used music of Bradata, Monk, Virus Inethic, LaMeduza, DJ SKILL, SoundForia, Violent Public Disoredraz (VPD).

As a gift for Christmas will be provided 100 free download compilation.

Thank you to all who supported the promotion of the album "SOUND of TEMPLE" on 12/01/2012!

Here is the trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=JORLz4tAQMg here is a link to the event: facebook.com/events/507946385903887/509435472421645/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity

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