This is a short film about a man who is lazing around on a Saturday morning, but got a call and had to go somewhere.

NOTE: This is a three-sequence short film that I directed and shot alone with the actor, whilst I was attending my film directing course in London FIlm Academy. It's a short film using INTERIOR DAYLIGHT LIGHTING and INTERIOR NIGHT LIGHTING that I also set up and designed. This is about how to use the lighting for proper exposure, good transition and cutting to the next scene smoothly.

London is a brilliant place to make films. The colour is fantastic, the surrounding elements go with almost everything. It's very cinematic. It feels like watching French films.

I know this is not a great story, but I enjoyed doing it. I wished I could shoot longer or come up with a more dynamic story but I only had 5 hours to do the shooting and editing.

Canon T2i

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