This is a small film I made to document my sister Ivy's first marathon experience in October of 2012.

She had run the half marathon of this race the previous two years, but wanted to prove to herself that she could take on the full to complete the journey. She trained for just over 5 months, facing several hurdles and obstacles along the way. Despite getting very sick twice, being laid off from her job that she loved, and just the physical time consuming toll it takes on a person, she never gave up. I think that is an inspiration we can all appreciate in life.

I am very proud of Ivy, as I have watched her constantly progress, push herself, and achieve all of her goals no matter how hard it got. Where others may have given up or failed, she was able to overcome and succeed. I hope this video inspires people to do the same in life. Whether you are a runner or not, find a goal that you have doubted your entire life and prove yourself wrong.

This video was filmed with a Canon 7D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, also iPhone 4 and 5 footage was used. Most audio was recorded with a Zoom H4N. I am aware and apologize for the few interviews and parts of this video that may be hard to hear. We recorded everything in natural environments, including a very noisy coffee shop. I did the best I could to make this video look and sound as good as possible, while dealing with all of the various video and audio sources I had.

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