By chance, we took our camera on a Sunday in August and went to a community art project in the Neukölln district of Berlin - a meeting point for the local people, for those from the rest of the world, from the art world...

This artistic event took place every Sunday during that month. We enjoyed the experience so much that we returned the following two Sundays (as many who were there did).

Curiosity led us to feel we wanted to learn more about the inception and the reasons for why this live art event took place, and decided to ask and talk to the people organizing and collaborating on the project.

And that's how this video came to be. This video is the result of our experience at "The Istanbul Tee Sommer Garten", the sensations we had there, the conversations, the delicious teas, the relaxing atmosphere, the multicultural background, the community, the generosity and... good music. Anything that seduced us and caught our attention is concentrated here.

We got acquainted with the organizers of the project and with the musicians there and told them we would make a video as a way to keep a remembrance of the project and here it is. We hope you enjoy it.

The equipment we used for shooting this video (and recording its audio) was a handheld Canon 600D with the kit lens and internal mic. It was edited with Premiere Pro CS6 and Logic Pro 9 in Berlin.

Esther Bosque & Carlos Calabrese


About The Istanbul Sommer Tee Garten Project:

Inspired by the generous heart of Istanbul; the serving of tea, and snacks, live music and board games, conversation menus and the smile of a stranger we aim to recreate something of this sense of welcome, belonging and community in Berlin.

The tee garten consists of a cafe in an outdoor green area and with conversation menus in German, Turkish and English. The menus are designed to encourage discussion between neighbours, lovers, children and strangers alike, and to create a common ground to share our stories.

For more information about "The Istanbul Sommer Tee Garten" or triage live art collective follow these links:




Acudimos por casualidad con nuestra cámara un domingo de agosto a este proyecto de arte y comunidad en el barrio de Neukölln en Berlin; un punto de encuentro para la gente del barrio, del mundo, del arte…

Este evento artístico se realizaba cada domingo de agosto. Nos gustó tanto la experiencia allí vivida que volvimos los dos domingos siguientes (como muchos de los que allí estuvieron).

La curiosidad nos llevó a querer saber más sobre el origen y los porqués de este evento de triage live art collective, y decidimos preguntar y conversar con las personas responsables y colaboradoras del proyecto.

Y así es como surgió este video. Este video es el resultado de nuestra experiencia vivida en "The Istanbul Sommer Tee Garten Project", sensaciones, conversación, tés deliciosos, atmósfera relajante, trasfondo multicultural, comunidad, generosidad y… buena música. Todo aquello que nos seducía y nos llamaba la atención está concentrado aquí.

Conocimos a las organizadoras del proyecto y a los músicos y les comentamos que íbamos a realizar un vídeo de recuerdo del proyecto y aquí está. Esperamos os guste.

Este vídeo fue grabado cámara en mano con la lente de serie y el micrófono interno de una Canon 600D. Editado con Premiere Pro CS6 y Logic Pro 9 en Berlín.

Esther Bosque y Carlos Calabrese

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