We want to Introduce you to Mike Burke. A man of faith, courage, and integrity. Mike has been writing music for the past 20 years and continues to write hit songs. One song that really holds a piece of Mike's heart is "Little Miss Sunshine." Little Miss Sunshine was written in honor of his wife who recently passed away after battling Alzheimer's disease. After 10 years, Mike had to say his final goodbye to Phylis knowing in his heart that she was going to be in a better place and that he should resume his dream as a music artist to honor her memory. "Little Miss Sunshine" was written in honor of friends who have daughters that are the sunshine of their lives, as well as for Mike's dog Sophie, his little furry sunshine. It was also written for anyone else out in the world who has a "Little Miss Sunshine" in their life!!!
Devastated by his loss, Mike initially came to the conclusion that his entire life was lost and hopeless. But that hopelessness felt wrong, so Mike dug deeper into his heart and knew that his wife did not want him to grieve anymore, but to follow his passion once again in music. He began sitting down with his guitar as his palms sweat and tears dripped down. Frustrated and upset, Mike began to think again that there was no hope. So he prayed. He prayed and God led him to write many songs in honor of Phylis, such as "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Hush Now Baby". In writing these songs, Mike not only thought if Phylis, but of the rest of mankind and how people on a worldwide basis could positively and comfortingly relate to the beautiful songs that he was fortunate enough to have written.
"Little Miss Sunshine" is a song about growing up and growing old together. Mike wants his listeners to dig deep in their hearts and truly discover who their "Little Miss Sunshine" is. His true love was/is his wife and dog, but he knows that there are many other people out there who can relate to this story in other ways, whether it's a loved one, a pet, or even an important event in life.
This is where you guys come in. We are trying to bring Mike's passion back through his music. Recently he recorded his album at Eclipse Studios in Normal IL and now he wants to make a music video. This music video will further explain how he is feeling and how lives can be touched simply through music. We plan to take this video and put it on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and anywhere else we see fit. And our goal is simple... to touch one life. This world can be cruel and we want to bring a message of hope, not fear. A message of drive, passion, and the desire to follow your dreams.
Director Zach Neff will be directing this emotionally-charged piece. He has spent many hours with Mike in his highest of high points and in his lowest of lows. Zach understands that this story needs to be told. The story about how a person may feel that they have lost it all, that they have hit rock bottom; but in reality, they need to gain understanding and future purpose and growth from those experiences of loss. Zach and Mike are working hand-in-hand along with many others to scout locations and talent in the area in order to really bring forth the true meaning of love and the emotions that come from losing someone so close to you. Zach has directed numerous productions locally and also has put in time in Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and many other places across the US. This story is about Mike and Phyllis, and with their forces combined, Mike and Zach will make it happen together. Learn more about Zach and his company at zneffproductions.com
We hope to gain your support and knowledge on this topic and push forward in telling this story. We feel very passionate about it and we hope that you do as well. Anything and everything you can give will be close to our hearts and we are extremely thankful for your kindness in giving.

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