Some Other Places We've Missed is an ongoing project that features workshops, participatory ethnographies, and collaborative photographic practice.

At workshops held in various jails and prisons, inmates are asked to respond to the question: “If you had a window in your cell, what place from your past would it look out to?”

Along with the written descriptions, individuals provide a detailed memory from the chosen location, and describe how they would want the photograph composed. The locations are then photographed and a image is handed or mailed back to the incarcerated participants.

While the images present an open space for personal associations, the written descriptions become the meeting place for viewers to engage and begin to understand the challenging histories of each location.

The size of photographs presented to the public are consistent with the restrictions imposed on pictures sent to prisons.

When exhibited, corresponding programming includes some, or all of the following; a weekly prison letter writing workshop, a location in the exhibition space where the public is invited to donate books to the local chapter of Books to Prisoners, and a ‘teach-in’ where individuals are invited to learn more about incarceration, advocacy, and avenues for volunteering from non-profits, ex prisoners, and advocates from the local area.

If you, or someone you know is incarcerated, and would be interested in participating in the project, please send an email to;

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