At the Content and Communications World Expo 2012, Jay Ignaszewski from AJA discusses the enhanced speed and efficiency in video capture, editing, and conversion by using the Magma ExpressBox 3T in a Thunderbolt laptop solution.

Jay showcases a demo of a MacBook Pro hooked up to a 4 TB RAID and Magma’s ExpressBox 3T, which houses an AJA Kona card. The EB3T allows the Kona card, which normally goes into a workstation, to be used in a portable laptop solution that can playback real-time in HD. Thunderbolt has also allowed AJA to work with 4K resolutions, the newest form of ultra-high-definition in digital television and digital cinematography.

The flexibility provided by Magma’s Thunderbolt PCIe Expansion solution allows AJA to “do a lot more, with a lot less.”

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