For this project I wanted to experiment with HDR video so that Nathan and myself could use the effect in later projects. With a 5D we were able to shoot this and achieve a resolution equivalent to a red epic. We built a custom rig to get us the footage which consisted of 7' steel tubes (filled), and a mechanized motor that would enable us to get a background plate, and a plate with the actors on top. Then in post we would have the option to keep the HDR look while reducing/eliminating the effect on the actors. Nathan suggested this method as it would be a cleaner looking effect than an HDR video we had seen before, which suffered from a "jelly-like" motion.

Special thanks to Emma Pelett for asking us to create a commercial for her family, and to Ivan for being so helpful during production. Special thanks as well to Cast/Crew.

Chris Buchal

Creative Director

Director of Photography
Nathan Coltrane

Nathan Coltrane

Sound Engineer
Adam Green-Halley

Ashlee Branham

Rob Valdez

Emma Pelett
Ivan Heimbuch

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