One of our class assignments in our CSC315 RoboEthics class at the University of Illinois at Springfield was to create a promotional video for the class. This is my contribution.

Narration script contains excerpts from the Introduction section of our text - "Moral Machines - Teaching Robots Right from Wrong" by Wendell Wallach and Colin Allen (, a quote from one of the lectures given by our professor (, and a few sentences I wrote.

Footage is taken from videos here on Vimeo and elsewhere that are mostly Creative Commons. All footage credited below (with much respect to all the super-creative people who created them):

Magnetic Movie

Cityscape Chicago

Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Visualization, 1969 (2011)

Corporate Clouds


NYC Robot

EVA (teaser trailer 2)

Transforming Robot Trailer for Learning Path

The background music is from the first minute or so of "The Apple Tree Feat. The Glitch Mob" by the super talented Khameleon808 which served as the main inspiration for this video -

The robotic vocoder effects were produced with the iVoxel app for iPad/iPhone.

I hope my classmates and Professor Mary Sheila enjoy it.

Flux aka Andy.

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