Video Installation with a Hospital Bed by Prashan Danushka Marasinghe.theertha Exhibition Season - Freshly Baked Series-2012,
at theertha Red Dot Gallery,Sri Lanka.

In this present post-war situation, new entertainment forms have emerged for certain sectors of the Sri Lankan population. One such form is 'city-entertainment'. Overshadowing 'war-entertainment', now, 'city-entertainment' is providing an amnesiac, desensitized engagement.

Monuments, walls, fences and many other city structures are being leveled into a single, unitary expansion to establish city that has a model similar to that of a well-developed city. These new cityscapes have turned into activity zones where entire families go on evening leisure walks in a sort of a festive mood; people jog and ride bicycles, projecting a healthy and wealthy population, devoid of any failures in the society.

In this installation, I project a video of these changing cityscapes, onto a hospital bed. The hospital bed is a place where disaster and hope, both are associated in high intensity.

- P. Danushka Marasinghe

All Rights Reserved © Prashan Danushka Marasinghe 2012.

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