I apologize for not producing more real content in a couple of months, but I've been trying to pay the bills. This video is my eclectic 80-second demo reel - feel free to ignore it since it has no redeeming value other than finding me more work. Or a job. Or an investor interested in the juggernaut that is Videopia (video/Website/book/training/speaker - videopia.org ).

For those of you NOT interested in bailing me out (President Obama, I'm looking at you), feel free to watch the demo reel and make comments below. I love demo reels and haven't seen many professional reels for "trainers" and would love to hear what you think.

Oh, and I suppose I should say what I'm looking for (and, by extension, what I've done in the past):
- I can produce training for your software/hardware
- complete product documentation
(print manuals, help systems, video, localization)
- news/articles/video for tech website
- syndicated content from videopia.org
- video sponsorship (pre-roll preferred)
- ads
- conference speaker
- workshops
- trade show demos
- PR

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