REMs also called Earth Earth Elements are the 17 elements in the periodic table that are supposedly rare in nature. No! They are no! Difficult to extract? Sometimes. This is mostly political. China has played their shortage card one too many times bombing the price each time a competitor shows up. Mostly the mine in California. Supposedly China has 30% of the world's REM and the USA 8%. ONLY because of environmentalist regulations stopping exploration in North America. China has NO EPA and badly needs one! I am no friend of Sierra Club etc. BUT China is where they should be. China is killing its own people with pollution. They have AGAIN rationed REM. BAD timing. New owner of California mine is strong hands who understand market. Also, other countries discovering they also have REM. Most REM elements more common than lead or copper! New methods to almost eliminate environmental concerns has left the LEFT naked exposing their true agenda - advance communism - end capitalism. If not that - what?

EXTREME pollution in China will kill millions and end what could have been the next "American Miracle". Normal to wear breathing masks in many cities and rural areas where NO environmental standards exist.
HEY! THOSE OF YOU ON THE LEFT! China (not USA) is the evil one. This is the product of centrally planned fascist police state for the good of few and early deaths for most - COMMUNISM! Many substitutes being discovered for REM/REE. China COULD have made a trillion plus selling when they could but they played games only those who know nothing about free markets do. Now they will be stuck with REM selling at below cost. In REM areas China soil contains 8% REM. In USA 30%!

What is the only true rare element? SILVER! No substitutes and world must have silver. 10 new applications being discovered daily. Silver has more uses than any other metal. NOT quantity but uses. 95% of earth's silver used up and now dust. Cannot retrieve. No more "rich finds". High Technology and medicine where silver is a "MUST HAVE" will soon panic as we drop below what remains (5%). No laws will "fix" this. Even gold is common with less than 5% of earth's gold removed from ground. Oceans contain trillions tons of dissolved gold (how do you extract it? no one knows). Forget REM. Buy REM/REE stock at your own risk. As I say, MORE plentiful than lead and copper -- just difficult chemical process to extract but this is improving quickly. In the meantime Chinese people are near open revolt as their children and old people die and skies are always ashen gray. BTW - "masks" sold by street vendors are WORTHLESS. Cut up cheap linen. Only masks rated N95 or better will provide SOME protection - Google N95. I grieve for the Chinese people. People like me are NOT anti-environmental protection. We are FOR common sense protection where earth and people are not harmed. USA laws force risky actrions such as fracking and deep water drilling while China and Cuba drill within view of Miami and NO EPA oversight! Crazy!

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