Just in time for the winter season, another episode of the two popular ibex of Graubünden, Giachen and Gian was released. In this episode, the two ibex are mocking the Swiss from the lower country and have a go at modern transmission techniques.

Client - Graubünden Tourismus
Agency - Jung v. Matt Limmat
Creative Directors - Fernando Perez, Livio Dainese
Art Director - Fernando Perez
Production - Elefant Studios
Producing - Pica Cubello-Heinrich
CG-Supervisor - Stephan Schweizer
Modeling - Patrick Graf, Michael Mussato, Moritz Engi
Technical Direction - Yukio Satoh, Vladimir Jankijevic
Animation - Patrick Graf
Rigging - Yukio Satoh
Shading/Lighting - Vladimir Jankijevic, Daniel Guimard
Compositing - Silvio Alberti, Stephan Schweizer
Color Grading - Stephan Schweizer
Sound Design - Jingle Jungle

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