2D + Liveaction Series
Ages 6 to 9 / 26 x 11 min / 2012

Eco is a bear who wanders through the world and observes contemporary life, the excesses committed by we human beings and the harm done by uncontrolled consumption to the different natural systems which maintain life on Earth. This series urges children and adults to adopt a style of life that is in harmony with nature and actively protects it. Its protagonist, Eco the little bear, undertakes a journey around the world accompanied by a number of animals who lead him to consult specialists in varied cultures. Among them are a shaman, a science expert, a naturist and a teacher. They help Eco to understand the gravest environmental and social problems which mankind currently faces. However, the series does not only dwell on the harms being visited on the planet. In an entertaining way, it also offers practical solutions that we can apply in our daily lives.

4 Direcciones
Digitz Films 11

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