Skrauss Speaks, You Listen: Episode 22

The Skäruss finally begins to explain his art to you, Cavedwellers. But first, enjoy the brief interlude wherein we hear the story of the cursed episode, this one, episode 22. Stand firm, beloved of God, The Skräuss will prevail against all cursing, swearing, and oaths against his person.

Also, enjoy Skrauss' discussion of his artistic methods, his "art making process" if you are a snob.
Art is anything that brings you through a transcendant experience. Or to one. Or just close enough to see it on the horizon with your binoculars. That's what the Skrauss does. He brings you close to art. He drops you into its gravity well and lets you spiral down into it. Follow the Skrauss. Beware of false art which makes an idol of the artist or the artist's pet political diatribe. That's die a tribe. Political ideology is the religion that has replaced Christianity when the Occident left it behind in the mid-19TH century. Ideology and gadget addiction are our world's religion. Ideology, gadget addiction, and the quest for stardom.

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