What do Santa Claus and best friends have in common? They always know exactly what you want for Christmas!

For those who watched BRANSCH artist Sven Schrader's previous video, "Sonntag startelf," you will recognize the appearance of the football star Ralph Christian playing a Christmas prank on his best friend Rainer.

Rainer is visited by Santa Claus and serenades him with Christmas carols, and receives the best gift ever - the new Eintracht Falkensee football club jersey! He can't wait to call up his friend Ralph with the exciting news, but little does he know the real identity of his recent houseguest.

The title of the video "Schöne Bescherung" roughly translates to "gift-giving", but also has an alternate meaning that better describes the zany series of events that transpire - "A Nice Mess."

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